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Join The AI Sales & Prospecting
Revolution Hundreds of Businesses Trust!

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Fill Up Your Calendar With High Quality Leads

B2B Rocket transforms the way you think about prospecting.

Imagine AI Agents as your 24/7 unlimited growth digital workforce - redefining the way you interact with and engage with new prospects forever! Conducting tailor-made emails, videos, and landing pages customized to reach your target audience.

With 700M B2B prospects at your fingertips - it’s like having a personal marketer for each prospect at scale! This wasn't possible....till now!  


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Re-Envision The Way You Engage Prospects At Scale

AI-Powered Prospecting is the future of connecting with yout ideal prospects at scale
B2B Rocket enables you to harness the power of data researchers, email specialists, copywriters, and endless A/B tests to connect you deeper with your target audience - all in-one on autopilot.

  • Infinitely Scalable Personalization At Scale
  • Proven Efficiency
  • Live Insights & Performence Stats 24/7

Increase efficiency. Lock in predictable scalability. Put business growth on autopilot!

Fully Autonomous AI-Powered Digital Workforce At Your Finger-Tips for limitless outreach  🚀

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Automate 100% of prospecting & Book new revenue with AI

Smart Engagement

An Al Agent does more than send emails. 
It learns and adapts, making every interaction with your clients smarter and more effective.

Global Reach, Made Personal

Tap into a vast network, but with the personal touch your business needs.

Custom Fit for Your Brand

Tailor-made emails, videos, and landing pages to connect directly with your audience. It's like having 
a personal marketer for each prospect.

AI vs Human SDRs:

Imagine streamlining your outreach with AI that’s 5x more effective and cuts costs 
by over 90%. It's about working smarter, not harder.

Engage 1,000s of High-Quality Leads
Every Month on Autopilot

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I bet you're wondering, "What's the investment for a sales revolution like this?" Let's dive into that.
You've seen high-end sales training and tools, right? They can set you back and waste your time.
You're about to access the AI Agents that are supercharging businesses into the 1%...
But here's the thing: we're offering this at a price that won't hurt your wallet. We're not asking for $25,000 or $10,000. Why? Because we believe powerful technologies on earth should be accessible, not just a luxury for the few.....

Let’s quickly run through everything
you’re getting with our AI Agets As A Growth Partner

Proprietary AI Agent Software replaces human BDRs, salaries, bonuses. (Value $17,000)

Data sourcing: demographic + intent + custom (Value $2,500)

AI Agent Equivalent to a Business Development Manager (Value $4,000)

A.I. Landing Sales Pages (Value $150

A.I. Personalized Videos At Scale (Value $3000)

Premium mailboxes & domains (Value $1000)

A.I. Hyper-Personalized Emails At Scale (Value $1000)

Analytics / Reporting 24/7 (Value $100)

12 Weeks Of Success Journey Calls (Value $600)

Validated Prospect Leads (Value $5000)

Your Custom AI-Powered Chatbot (Value $450)

75,000+ Sent Personalized Cold Emails On Autopilot (Value $3000)

Your Own Custom Generative Schedling Links (Value $36)

Skyrocket Your Sales on Autopilot - Easier than Ever Before

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Tasks Conducted by AI Agents

List Building
  • Define Target Audience
  • Source Prospect Contacts
Researching & Pre-Qualification
  • Basic Lead Reseach
  • Lead Contact Information Validation
List Building
  • Email Copywriting
  • Landing Pages
  • Personalized Videos
  • Live AI Chatbot Conversations
  • Direct Email

Let's Deploy Your Automated Client
Acquisition AI Agents That You Can Scale

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Tasks Conducted by AI Agents (continued)

  • Tailored Email Sequences
  • Engagement Exports For Retargeting
  • Ability To Add Qualified Leads To Your CRM
Meeting Scheduling
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Performance Tracking

Real Customers.

Real Results.


Revenue Increase


In Transactions


Network Expansion
B2B Rocket's AI transformed our outreach.
Faster, more effective- a game -changer.

See real results & Success Stories from Real clients

Rao Nabeel

Result: 3+ New Partners for Mobile App Development & Design

3+ New Partners for Mobile App Development & Design

In 2023, MavenUp Creatives, a dynamic design and development agency, was grappling with escalating costs in lead research, business development, and IT infrastructure. The existing annual expenses amounted to $59,000. The company sought a solution to reduce costs while elevating the quality of their B2B marketing efforts.

The Challenge:
MavenUp Creatives faced the challenge of optimizing lead generation processes and cutting down on substantial annual expenses. Traditional methods were proving inefficient and costly.

ZoomInfo Replacement:
The implementation of AI technology not only slashed operational costs but also catalyzed business growth:

New Partnerships:
The data played a pivotal role in onboarding 3+ new partners specialized in mobile app development and design.

The Result:
The implementation of AI technology not only slashed operational costs but also catalyzed business growth:

MavenUp Creatives' strategic integration of AI into their B2B marketing processes yielded impressive results. The platform's ability to reduce costs significantly and enrich CRM data demonstrated the transformative impact of AI in powering growth for creative agencies like MavenUp Creatives.

Ramzi Saim

Result: Increased new revenue pipeline by $5M+

Increased new revenue pipeline by $5M+

Primary Build Review – Background:
Ramzi, the driving force behind Primary Build, is dedicated to transforming the real estate industry through innovative solutions. With a vision to identify high-intent prospects and build a robust prospecting pipeline, he sought a strategy to optimize lead generation and propel Primary Build to new heights.

The Challenge:
In pursuit of efficiency, Ramzi partnered with Primary Build. Leveraging Primary Build's AI Agents for prospecting, he aimed to revolutionize lead generation and build a predictable pipeline. The goal was to identify high-intent prospects and save costs associated with business development reps.

The Transformation:
The implementation of AI technology not only slashed operational costs but also catalyzed business growth:

The Result:

  • Cost Savings: The implementation of AI Agents led to significant cost savings, with a reduction of over $60,000 per year in business development rep expenses.
  • Predictable Pipeline: A predictable prospecting pipeline was established, providing Primary Build with a reliable flow of warm opportunities.
  • Business Meetings: The company successfully booked 7 or more new business meetings each month, enhancing engagement and potential partnerships.
  • New Partnerships: The streamlined lead generation process resulted in the formation of new partnerships within the real estate industry.
  • Revenue Pipeline Growth: Primary Build witnessed a substantial increase in the new revenue pipeline, exceeding $5 million

Derrick Denace



GlobalGeeks Review – Background:
Derrick Denace is the Sales Executive of a tech solutions company specialized in consumer electronics covering worldwide companies.

The Challenge:
Reaching new distribution partners globally is very challenging using traditional processes.

The Transformation:
In addressing these challenges, Derrick turned to AI Agents by B2B Rocket for their efficiency in prospecting and engaging with ideal leads.

The Result:

Damon Phillips


Increased global coverage by 35% within 8-months

Damon manages the marketing division of a successful packaging Company. Despite effective lead generation, Damon faced challenges with existing follow-up systems, lacking optimal results. Past paid ad attempts struggled for consistency, prompting the need for a reliable backend system to convert leads into bookings and propel business growth.

The Challenge:
Before collaborating with B2B Rocket, Damon grappled with multiple challenges. Inadequate follow-up systems and difficulties. Inconsistent outcomes from prior ad campaigns left Damon uncertain about effective lead generation and convincing potential salespeople of consistent engagement.

The Transformation:
"We had 877,304 Plastics & Packaging & Container” leads filtered and targeted by AI Agents and it just opened up tons of doors for us!

The Result:
Increased global coverage of new partnerships acquired by 35% within 8-months

Start Filling Up Your Calendar With Qualified Appointments Today!

Scott Mandel



Scott manages a full-service provider of products and marketing programs for the retail and premium/ incentive marketplaces.

The Challenge

Scott was struggling with the right market to convert the best leads from. This caused high closing costs, inefficiencies and getting lost in a rabbit hole of discovering where to go to stabilize his target prospects.

The Result:
"AI Agents synced up with our CRM, provided data for us to test messaging within various segments and keywords, and within about 7-months, we had clear findings on who the highest value quickest converting customers really were. Changed our take on targeting/prospecting - and there’s no need for a data researcher anymore, either!”

Result: How Abdul Supercharged His Calendar Within 4 Months Of Starting

How Abdul Supercharged His Calendar Within 4 Months Of Starting

Abdul is the founder of a SaaS company specializing in cutting-edge software. Partnered with the largest players in the consumer electronics industry, with the aim of standardizing the market through the use of real-time market data to create healthy marketplaces to help businesses become successful and profitable.

The Process
Abdul grappled with determining the most effective strategy to ensure a consistently booked calendar with qualified leads, aiming to break free from the revenue roller coaster. Initially apprehensive, he researched B2B Rocket, acknowledging their proven processes and systems. Despite concerns about the transition, Abdul decided to make the switch, appreciating B2B Rocket's ability to customize his entire client acquisition system.

B2B Rocket seamlessly migrated Abdul’s existing setup while streamlining and systematizing the entire process from lead to close. They deployed and trained AI Agents, establishing a successful process that kept Mobility Intel's calendar consistently filled with qualified leads.

The Result:
"I am tremendously grateful because within 4 months, my calendar was getting filled of new opportunities! Now, I find myself in a situation where I need to enhance my team to keep up with the demand. It's a fantastic challenge to have! B2B Rocket has not only optimized my calendar but also imparted invaluable lessons. I'm thankful for their expertise and thrilled that I made the decision to join. If you're contemplating a streamlined process to feed your calendar with qualified leads for your SaaS solution, don't hesitate—book a call with them. You won't regret it!"

Rahul Kather

Result: Reached 25,000 Ideal Leads In 5-Months

How Rahul Reached 25,000 Leads In The Software Solutions Industry In Our The First 5-Months!

Rahul is the founder of a web development company specializing in subscription-based services. Rahul faced challenges in establishing effective strategies and systems for the business, encountering unsuccessful attempts with paid ads. The absence of a proper lead process, an enticing offer, and an efficient sales system hindered Rahul and the company from realizing their full potential.

The Challenge:
Before discovering a solution, Rahul confronted multiple obstacles in the journey to grow the web development company. Unsuccessful endeavors with paid ads highlighted the need for implementing a proper lead process to maximize effectiveness. Additionally, the absence of a compelling offer and an efficient sales system made it challenging for Rahul to attract and convert clients.

The Result:

Research AI Agents Conduct market research and grow their Total Addressable Market, aided by B2B Rocket’s Client Success Team.
Improve the quality of their existing data Reach: Shri Genesis Used AI Agents to
Reach 25,000 Leads in Software Solutions Industry
Integrated potential leads in target markets to Salesforce sales funnel and increased brand awareness outside the markets they’re usually dealing with
Gained valuable insights for their outbound sales strategy

Voted the #1 product of the day on Product Hunt with over 660+ business upvotes
B2B Rocket - Revolutionize your B2B sales with AI | Product Hunt

why waste your money on a guy and his cousins claiming to sell you some course or expensive lead gen providers?

We will deploy your own aI Agents - Your Unlimited Digital Workforce that become an asset to your business - not a liability!

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Frequently asked questions

What is Intelligent Customer Profiling in B2B Rocket AI Agents?

Intelligent Customer Profiling allows you to develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and craft detailed customer personas for precise targeting, ensuring that your outreach is directed towards the most relevant audience.

How does the Hyper-Personalized Outreach feature enhance email campaigns?

The Hyper-Personalized Outreach feature enables the crafting of bespoke email campaigns that resonate with the recipient. It offers autonomous emailing, real-time interactions, scheduled follow-ups, benefit-focused messaging, clear content, compelling CTAs, and continuous optimization through A/B testing.

Can B2B Rocket AI Agents integrate with my existing CRM system?

Yes, B2B Rocket AI Agents offer seamless CRM integration, allowing you to synchronize the acquired data effortlessly with your existing CRM system.

How does the Real-Time Conversations feature work?

The Real-Time Conversations feature provides instant chat engagement through AI chatbot capabilities. It offers tailored recommendations based on unique data-driven insights and monitors prospect behavior to assess their interest levels.

What strategies are in place for Prospect Follow-ups and Nurturing?

B2B Rocket AI Agents deploy automated email sequences, behavior-driven triggers, intelligent response assessments, timely reminders, and adaptive learning to ensure methodical and effective lead nurturing.

How does B2B Rocket AI Agents ensure high-quality leads?

The platform employs rigorous lead qualification to separate high-potential leads from the rest. It also offers features like effortless scheduling, persuasive follow-ups, and insight-driven strategies to maximize conversion opportunities.

What are the unique advantages of using B2B Rocket AI Agents?

B2B Rocket AI Agents offer ready-to-deploy mailboxes with access to over 10,000 pre-warmed mailboxes, 24/7 support, global language support for over 100+ languages, and laser-focused targeting based on intricate lead details.

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At B2B Rocket, we are committed to revolutionizing B2B sales through our advanced AI technology. Our services are designed to autonomously navigate the entire sales lifecycle, from lead identification to conversion, helping businesses like yours to reach unprecedented levels of efficiency and success.

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Use of AI Agents: Our AI agents are sophisticated tools designed to assist in engaging potential leads and managing sales processes. However, they are not a substitute for human oversight and decision-making. It is the responsibility of our clients to ensure that the use of AI agents aligns with their business strategies and complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

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